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This Means War!

We are at War 24/7! Are you fighting? Or are you sticking your head in the sand?

The Weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds

II Corrinthians 10:4

Angels and demons are fighting for our eternal destiny! What are we doing to assist them?

This battle rages continually. The demons never take a break, but we do! We go on spiritual vacation

While we are on spiritual vacation, other warriors in the body of Christ are taking up our slack!

The reason that our churches seem so powerless today is that the enemy has very little resistance!

We all need to get into the habit of fighting in this Spiritual War daily!

Remember that one can put a thousand too flight and, two can put 10'000 to flight!

Lets put 1000 demons to flight every day!

Also when you bind the demons and cast them out, send them to the pit!

If you don't they will hang around until they get an opportunity to re-enter you!

Or they will go and find someone else to enter! If you send them to the pit they will be bound until

The Tribulation period then they will be released to reap havoc on the earth until Jesus returns!

It's Super Natural unseen realm