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Welcome to Ning

Welcome to Warriors of the Cross Ministry!

We are so glad that you found us here. Our main focus here at Warriors of the Cross is to tear down the works of satan and, help set the captives free!

There is a Spiritual War going on right now 24/7!

It never stops! Angels and demons are fighting for your eternal destination! We are here to help you in that fight to equip you with the tools you need to win in this fight.

So take full advantage of all the tools we have available here to fight in this war that we are in!

God bless!


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Property! My wife and I were discussing the word this morning. We came up with some interesting info

We really don't own anything! The only thing that we truly own is our will! There is nothing that we

Possess that we can take with us when we die. It is all going to go to someone else! So why do we,

Cling to our possessions so much? We really think we own it! We don't! It all belongs to God!

Even our spirit which is what we really are we just temporarily live in this body. Our spirits are,

Neither male or female! We are just spirit! When you look at things in that perspective it can

Have a profound affect on the way that we live our lives! Are we good stewards of what we manage?