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3 Warning Dreams!

In 2013 I had 3 prophetic dreams of warning of a coming destruction!

My first dream I was running from a fault line crack that was chasing me! I was running North East. After some time in my flight for life I saw Washington D.C. on my left. I suddenly saw the Capitol Dome explode with Lava spewing out the top of the dome! As I ran Northeast I heard a voice warn me to start traveling Northwest to escape the fault crack or I would end up in the Atlantic Ocean! As I ran Northwest the Fault crack stopped following me.

In my 2nd dream I was running from a terrible storm that was coming from South Louisiana. I was traveling in a public transportation van on I-49 headed toward Dallas Texas. As I traveled I could see many Tornado's destroying all of the South. As I traveled West toward Dallas I was approaching an area of many overpasses that made a loop around Dallas. The Holy Spirit then warned me not to cross the bridge going West to get out now! I got out of the van just before it crossed the bridge. Then suddenly there was a massive earth quake that twisted the bridge and destroyed it! The Holy Spirit then instructed me to travel North from here.

My 3rd dream I was in my home in Natchitoches, Louisiana. The earth beneath my feet began shaking violently! The earth began collapsing beneath my feet. I began to run west to escape but I was still falling in to the void. I heard a voice tell me to run North. As I began to run North eventually I was able to climb out of the fault to safety!

I believe a great fault is going to split Louisiana in half! I don't know when but I know that it is near! Pray and, ask God what you need to do concerning the Judgement that is about to fall upon America!

The Sign of the Son of man!

There's Even More Evidence Planet Nine Is Hiding in Our Solar System


Is Planet Nine real? We may have more than eight planets in our solar system, and it's not because Pluto is getting reinstated.

In January, researchers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin proposed that a possible ninth planet was orbiting on the outer edge of the solar system. They created a mathematical model that showed a distant, Neptune-sized planet might be influencing the orbital path of six smaller objects out in the Kuiper Belt.

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There's Even More Evidence Planet Nine Is Hiding in Our Solar System
Source: Caltech/R. Hurt

"It's almost like having six hands on a clock all moving at different rates, and when you happen to look up, they're all in exactly the same place," Brown said in a statement on January 20. "Basically it shouldn't happen randomly. So we thought something else must be shaping these orbits." 

Now Brown and Batygin say they've found yet another one of these small objects, and it's in the exact position their model predicts. This is even more evidence that Planet Nine really exists. 

Astronomers have already cut the search area for Planet Nine in half. Now the race is on to find it and directly observe it.

And if Planet Nine has all the characteristics that Brown and Batygin think it does, there won't be any debate about whether or not we should classify it as a true planet. 


I recently watched the new movie Transcendance with actor Johnny Depp sad truth about this is that the Scientific community is really trying to do this! What if they really could interface some one's brain into a computer, who's brain could they trust that would not eventually destroy the human race? The answer to that is no one!

There is a death code in our genetic dna that was passed down to us from Adam. But thank God for the Blood of Jesus that Jesus defeated death and, the curse!

We are now new creatures in Christ Jesus according to 2 Corinthians 5:17

But it did get me to thinking what if we really could do all the incredible things that Jesus did when He walked the earth? We can! Matter of fact Jesus said that we will do even greater things than He did! Wow!

So why aren't we doing it? Because God can not trust us with His power yet! That is why God works so hard at developing our character! When God can trust us we will do mighty exploits to advance God's Kingdom and purposes!

I want to be so consumed with God's presence that when people enter my presence they encounter God! I want to effect the atmosphere every where that I go with the Power and Presence of the Almighty God!

I challenge all of you to dare to believe that the Word of God is true!

Coming Destruction!

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